Warfield Appraisal Group was founded in April of 2004. While being involved in almost all facets of the real estate appraisal industry, Warfield Appraisal Group concentrates on litigation appraisals for eminent domain proceedings, easements, tax appeal, and dissolution of partnerships. The firm also completes appraisals for financial institutions, for marketing purposes, as well as providing consulting services and feasibility studies. Our clients range from major corporations and government bodies, to individual owners needing expert real estate advice and services.


Warfield Appraisal Group is associated with Patchin Messner Dodd & Brumm Valuation Counselors located in Minneapolis/St. Paul. This allows for a broad reaching source of expertise and resources to address even the most complicated appraisal assignments. Patchin Messner Dodd & Brumm Valuation Counselors is not only recognized regionally for their thorough research, but also nationally known for their appraisals and analysis of environmentally challenged properties, grain elevators, feed mills, flour mills and pasta plants. The wide diversity of experience these two appraisal firms offer provides our clients with the highest level of competency and expertise.